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Preparing Students for High School and Beyond:
Exhibition Description and Purpose

The eighth grade Exhibition engages students in an integrated education experience. It is an exciting challenge for students to create their own project of interest, using many of the skills they have acquired over their schooling experience.

Campbell Union School District implements the Exhibition curriculum as part of the district?s assessment plan. The program allows students to demonstrate their transfer of learning and achievement as an eighth-grade-quality exit outcome. 

Successful completion of each part of the Exhibition Experience is required for promotion from eight grade.
The eighth grade Exhibition has three components, and students must complete them all:
• Research paper
• Project
• Presentation

The Exhibition is performance-based and responsive to student interest and choice. One of its many advantages is that it allows students of all abilities to use the talent, skills, and creativity they have developed to this point in their education.

To volunteer, send email to dbodenheimer[at]campbellusd[dot]org.

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