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Who’s Ready for Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten?

Kindergarten and TK provide the foundation children need for success in school and throughout their lives.

two kindergarten girls counting on their fingers

Mirroring a statewide trend, it appears our schools will have fewer kindergarten and transitional kindergarten students in the coming year. “We have plenty of room for more of our youngest learners, we’re just trying to figure out where they are,” said Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. 

According to, “the pandemic has intensified a multi-year trend of dwindling student enrollment statewide, causing a steep drop this year. Across California, more than four out of five districts with kindergartners saw a decline in kindergarten enrollment.” Causes for the enrollment drop vary, EdSource says, and they were complicated by existing trends such as declining birth rates, people moving away, and sudden economic hardships brought on by the pandemic. 

“For some students, the loss of the kindergarten experience will have long-lasting repercussions,” said Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Whitney Holton. Early learning gaps can affect a child all the way through high school graduation. Kindergarten and transitional kindergarten provide the foundation children need for success in school and throughout their lives.” 

If you have family members or neighbors who live in our district, remind them Campbell Union School District's experienced teachers and staff are committed to creating a safe, engaging and nurturing place to learn. For information about enrolling, go to or phone 408-364-4200.