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New TK grade begins



  • Transitional Kindergarten is a “bridge” (or “hybrid”) program that combines elements of Preschool and Kindergarten for children who turn 5 years old late in the year (In our district: Sept 1 through Dec. 2)
  • TK provides a solid foundation for success in Kindergarten because it emphasizes a balance across the domains of learning — social-emotional development, fine/gross motor skills, oral language development, academic concepts (number sense, phonemic awareness, science, etc.), art/music, and P.E.
  • CUSD’s TK has a discrete curriculum with discrete standards and assessments.



To someone not trained in early childhood education, the classroom might appear similar to a preschool or kindergarten classroom.  The differences are in how the materials are used for instruction, how deep the teacher goes with concepts, and the developmental level of standards the student is working on. 

Children will be working throughout the room, in groups, pairs, and independently. There will be opportunities for exploration, self- and guided-selection of activities, as well as whole-class instruction.

In TK, the learning will extend beyond the classroom walls with outdoor learning including science and motor skill development.



  • TK in our district is for children who turn 5 in between September 1 and December 1.
  • This year, we have 3 TK classrooms: one each at Capri, Blackford, Lynhaven schools

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