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School Reopening
Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequent Questions about the 2020-21 School Reopening Plan will be added to this page daily

The 4-Phased Plan

What is the district’s reopening plan in a nutshell?

We based our plan on a 4-phase transition from all students in distance learning to all students safely learning at school.

The 2020-21 school year will begin with all students in distance learning (Phase 1) and gradually move to a ‘hybrid” of in-person and distance learning (Phases 2 and 3) as local COVID-19 conditions permit. Phase 4 is when all students can return to school for a traditional full day schedule.

The timing of the transitions depends on whether our county is off of the State’s Monitoring List for 14 consecutive days. Conditions may require moving back and forth through the phases as the virus spikes and subsides.

There is also an All-year Distance Learning option for families who prefer that for their student. They must notify our Enrollment office to opt out of the district’s 4-phase plan. Students not signed up for the All-year Distance Learning program will automatically be part of the Hybrid plan in the school assigned to them.

Do I need to choose?

Students will be placed automatically in our standard plan for reopening—the 4-phases plan—unless parents choose the all-year distance learning option.

  • If you do NOT want the all-year distance learning option, you do not need to take any action.
  • If you DO want the all-year distance learning option, you must sign up here by 4 p.m. on Monday, August 3rd.
  • If you signed up for all-year distance learning and now want to change to the 4-phase plan, please email your child’s full name, date of birth, and a statement saying you want the 4-phase plan to Shelley Wedel by 4 p.m. Monday, August 3rd.

How are All-year Distance Learning and Phase 1 Distance Learning the same?

These elements are THE SAME for the phase-in approach and year-long distance learning:

  • Curriculum: Based on common core state standards
  • Hours of instruction required
  • Led by district hired certificated teachers
  • A blend of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (self-directed) instruction for students
  • Students will have self-directed learning to do at home
  • Neither program will emulate a traditional school day schedule
  • A blend of healthy hands-on activities vs screen time
  • Class assignment shared on Friday before school starts
  • Set schedules shared with students weekly
  • Technology platforms being used (Zoom, SeeSaw, Google Classroom)
  • Student-teacher ratio (Average of 24:1 for TK-3 and 30:1 for 4-8)

How are All-year Distance Learning and Phase 1 Distance Learning different?

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Phase 1 Distance Learning

  • Planned with intent to return students to campus when safe. Students in smaller cohorts (A/B) while distance learning to ease return to school
  • Small groups of students may come back for some in-person instruction, as needed, even during this phase (as allowed by county public health and following all safety guidelines)

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - All-Year Distance Learning

  • Full-school year commitment
  • Students taught in grade-level spans
  • May have some combination grade-level classes, based on enrollment numbers
  • Classes composed of students from different schools
  • Instruction in English
  • Students would not be part of activities at the assigned “brick-and-mortar” school
  • Increased parent responsibility for instruction in collaboration with teacher

MIDDLE SCHOOL - Phase 1 Distance Learning

  • Students will be assigned a typical schedule with 6 classes, including electives and PE
  • Students will have access to clubs, culture building events and activities
  • Will remain in classes with students from their school and grade level
  • Will be taught by teachers from school site they are assigned to

MIDDLE SCHOOL - All-Year Distance Learning

  • Students likely will not have a different teacher for each content area
  • Increased parent responsibility for instruction in collaboration with teachers
  • Classes made up of students from different schools
  • Students will not have access to clubs, school based activities and events
  • Increased parent responsibility for instruction in collaboration with teacher

Why do I have to choose All-year Distance Learning by August 3rd?

Enrollment determines staffing needs. We must know the number of students in each school and grade in order to hire the right number of teachers and staff and to keep our class sizes at our collective bargaining agreement sizes of an average of 24:1 in grades TK-3 and 30:1 in grades 4-8.

Our plan does not include a choice after school begins because of its potential to require complete re-enrollment throughout the district. The complexity of building classes, assigning staff and developing community does not allow for reworking all of this at each phase.

We don’t encourage mid-year changes because it disrupts the consistency for students/families from the beginning of the year. However, a parent/guardian request to change would be a School Transfer Request, which is handled on a case-by-case basis and subject to space available in a school and grade.

How much screen time for instruction in distance learning?

Instructional minutes will be a balance of independent learning at home and live virtual instruction with the teachers. The daily schedule includes movement breaks. The minutes listed in the plan are the minimum required by the State.

We do not expect students to sit in front of a screen for the equivalent of a full school day.

Teachers will base the time on Zoom or other online class meetings on developmental levels for the grade. Teachers also are aware of how much their students can handle and will adjust accordingly in the moment. We encourage small group instruction, so that there can be more collaboration and connection in an age-appropriate setting.

For example: First graders will go to "school" from 8:30-2:15. Just like a regular day. We are planning activities for a full day. A minimum of 90 minutes of the day will by synchronous learning with the teacher (M.T,TH,F) the rest self-directed learning. There are other times that students may be called to small group instruction based on student need so the live time with teachers could end up being greater than 90 minutes. There will be weekly 1:1 check ins to support students with their work.

When will we change from Phase 1 to Phase 2?

We will only go to Hybrid when safe to do so and will give families at least 2 weeks advance notice. The transition to the Hybrid phases depends on local conditions and Public Health Dept. orders. Per the Governor’s orders, our county must first be off of the State’s Monitoring List for 14 consecutive days before we can consider moving to the next phase.

Student arrival and dismissal times may have to adjust by a few minutes, but will be essentially consistent with the schedule in Phase 1.

Who will teach distance learning?

In the 4-phase plan, it will be the classroom teacher at the school we assign your child to. In the All-year Distance Learning, it will be a CUSD teacher assigned to this district-wide program.

Is it safe for my child to go to school?

We are implementing safety measures, in line with guidelines from the Public Health Department (PHD), to make our campuses as safe as possible. Specific details about face coverings, hand washing, keeping groups of students (cohorts) separated, sanitizing, and more are in our 2020-21 School Reopening Plan. It is up to the parents/guardians to decide what is best for their family.

When does school start for students?

The students' first day of school (Phase 1 and Distance Learning) will be Monday, August 24th.

The first day originally was August 20. However, in collaboration with our labor groups, we have moved some teacher professional development days--originally scheduled during the school year--to the beginning of the school year.

Your child's school will send you schedules and information for picking up any equipment or instructional materials needed.

Can I change from 4-Phase to All Distance Learning after August 3rd?

Our plan does not include changing to all-year distance learning after the school begins. Please refer to "Why do I have to choose…" (above) for more details

What are the childcare options?

Restrictions prevent opening classrooms for daily instruction to all students, but they do allow for childcare with physical distancing.

At this time, we cannot offer school-day childcare. However, we can offer CampbellCare in the afternoons, beginning Monday, August 24th.

Hours: 2:30 pm - 6:00 pm Schedule: 5 days/week Cost: $614/per student/month (Rate prorated to $399 for Aug. and Dec.; 10% discount for siblings and staff) Registration is open to all CUSD-enrolled families through our Expanded Learning Department. Enrollment will determine the number of sites offering this program.

We continue to explore options for making school-day childcare available to our families.

Meanwhile, the Santa Clara County Office of Education has county-wide childcare information.

What if my child doesn’t have a computer or Internet access?

Students who do not have access to a computing device at home may borrow a Chromebook from us. Your child’s school will send information about how to check one out.

If the student’s home does not have internet access, please notify the school for information about options for obtaining internet service.