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Dayan Flores

Dayan Flores is excited about Campbell School of Innovation and working with a group of educators who are innovative and understand the need to change the traditional classroom to best prepare our students for the many uncertainties in our future.

?Our students are going to be leading our world one day in unimaginable ways,? she says. ?The workforce that they will be a part of is yet to be created. That?s why it is our moral imperative to change our educational system to prepare them with overarching skills that can apply to any context.?

A native of Southern California, Flores moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and began teaching at Campbell Union School District in 2014. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and a clear multiple subject teaching credential with CLAD and BCLAD certifications from California State University, Fullerton. She believes incorporating art and creativity into students? educational experiences is essential for deep learning.