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Kelly Mack


  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy - UC Santa Cruz
  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential - San Jose State University
  • Master of Arts in Education - San Jose State University

About me:

I teach 5th-8th grade Reading Intervention courses. I teach to empower students so they can be actively engaged in their lives. This power can be used to make change, convince, evaluate, provide options, and solve problems.  With this power, students become their authentic selves and imprint their world.   

The more you encourage your child to read, the better.  If you'd like, I can help you find books that match your child's interest and level.  Also, reading out loud to another person, pet, or even a stuffed animal is a great way for students give themselves feedback on how they are doing.  When they hear themselves read aloud, it provides more opportunity for self-correction and creates meaning.

When I'm not teaching, I enjoy reading, running, playing ultimate Frisbee or soccer, going on adventures with my family, and cooking. 

Email is the best way to stay in touch.