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For general questions or concerns / Para preguntas o preocupaciones generales...
District administration: 155 N. Third Street, Campbell California 95008
Tel.: 408-364-4200 • Fax: 408-341-7280
(After-hours Emergency/Alarms: 888-818-1111)

District Administrators Directory

If you have a complaint...


District Contact Name



Dr. Eric Andrew

ext. 6211

Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

Dr. Shelly Viramontez

ext. 6213

Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services

Liz Wolfe

ext. 6245

Deputy Superintendent, Administrative Services

Jim Crawford

ext. 6214

Assistant to the Superintendent

Ruth Smith

ext. 6212

Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Whitney Holton


Director, Special Education

Debbie Jaggers Baccino


Director, School Services

Lesa Nieri

ext. 6285

Director, Business Services

John Moore

ext 6262

Director, Extension Programs 
(Campbellcare, preschool, home school, enrichment)

Annemarie Murphy

ext. 6280

Director, Response to Instruction (RtI)

Edna Laskin

ext. 7137

Director, Human Resources

Lori Siewert

ext. 6241

Director, State Preschools & Child 
Development Program

Gina Phi

Ext 4182

Coordinator, Assessment and AVID

Chris Izor

Ext. 6249

Coordinator, Equity Coaching and GATE

Stephanie Day

Ext. 6244

Coordinator, English Language Dev. Programs

Denise Kilpatrick

ext. 6105

Public Information

Marla Sanchez

Ext. 6254

Supervisor, Child Nutrition Services

Ben Calderon

ext. 4010

Supervisor, Maintenance & Grounds

David Radke

ext. 7204

Supervisor, Student Information/Enrollment Services

Shelley Wedel

ext. 6248

Supervisor, Transportation, Operations and Facilities

Chrissie Stevenson

ext. 4007



Contact Name & Title


Blackford Elementary

Alexandra Friel, Principal
Corrine Frese, Assistant Principal

Ext 4550

Campbell Middle

April Mouton, Principal
Ramis Ahrary, Assistant Principal

Ext 5250

Capri Elementary

Norma Jeanne Ready, Principal
Ted Cribari, Assistant Principal

Ext 4650

Castlemont Elementary

Ivy Sarratt , Principal
Eric Brown, Assistant Principal

Ext 4350

Forest Hill Elementary

Denise Khalid, Principal

Ext 4750

Lynhaven Elementary

Sarah Jellin, Principal
Beatrice Rowan, Assistant Principal

Ext 4850
Ex. 4865

Marshall Lane Elementary

Priscilla Spencer, Principal

Ext 4450

Monroe Middle

Dawnel Sonntag, Principal
Adam Lamparske, Assistant Principal

Ext 5050

Rolling Hills Middle

Cynthia Dodd, Principal
Jamal Splane, Assistant Principal

Ext 5150

Rosemary Elementary

Brian Schmaedick, Principal

Ext 4150

Sherman Oaks Community Charter

Donna Tonry, Principal

Ext 4950

Village Parent Participation School

David Wilce, Principal

Ext 4689

Home Schooling Program

Whitney Holton, Director

Ext 6280

If you have a concern or complaint...

1.  The people closest to the matter are usually able to resolve a concern or complaint the quickest.  For example, if it is a concern about something happening at school, please contact the teacher or school principal.

2.  If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction, please notify a District Administrator

To register a formal Uniform Complaint (including Title IX), click here.

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