What is the District English Language Advisory Committee?

The DELAC Committee is a committee for parents of children identified as English Learners. The committee serves to provide input on programs and services for English Learners to the Schools and Governing Board.

It is required that a district with 51 students identified as English Learners have a DELAC Committee regardless of the programs offered by the district. Campbell Unions School District requires there be a minimum of four DELAC meetings per year.

2018-2019 Meetings & Minutes

• October 18, 2018  Download Minutes

• December 13, 2018  Download Minutes

• February 28, 2019  Download Minutes

• May 9, 2019  Download Minutes

Roster for 2018-2019

BLACKFORD: Maria del Carmen Perez


CAPRI: Cristina Sainos and Yadira Plancarte

CASTLEMONT: Isabel Ramirez


LYNHAVEN: Rocio Nunes and Jackie Landeros

MARSHALL LANE: Andrea Vilanova and Carolina Navarro

MONROE: Maria Inez Ortega

ROLLING HILLS: Maricela Parra and Santa Ocampo

ROSEMARY: Carmen Osnaya and Ana Reyes

SHERMAN OAKS: Silvia Aguilar and Maria L. Partida

VILLAGE: Olga A. Delmonte-Cardoso

CUSD: Superintendent Shelly Viramontez, Ed.D. - sviramontez@campbellusd.org