Local Control & Accountability Plan

Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) allow for more locally based decision-making to respond to the community’s educational needs. The plans describe the school district’s overall vision for students, annual goals, and specific actions the district will take to achieve the vision and goals.

Through meetings and Thoughtexchange, our community is part of the process. Campbell Union School District engages parents, educators, employees and the community to establish and update our LCAP plans.

The Board approved the 2017-2018 LCAP in June 2017. The 2018-19 update is in progress.

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Community Input Gathered

We create our annual plan with broad public input. Each year, board members and administrators hold meetings with parents, pupils, school personnel, neighbors, and business and community partners to elicit local input and identify which of the State’s Eight Priorities are the most important to our own community.

This year, we have expanded community input opportunities. In addition to public meetings held in February 2018, we have incorporated an online method, called ThoughtExchange, for community members to offer their ideas, suggestions and feedback .

Jan. 2018 Community ThoughtExchange Results April 2018 Student Voice ThoughtExchange Results

Local Priorities Identified

Our community members want us to ensure that each student has access to an educational experience that supports, challenges, and excites the learner during the school experience. Also, attention to the “whole child” was evident in the comments that reflect the academic, social-emotional, and physical health of our students. Lastly, the need for equitable resources for all students was prevalent in the ideas our community members expressed.

The input process has lead to ranking the following three State Priorities as most important for our own school community:

  • Course Access – pupil enrollment in a broad course of study that includes all of the subject areas described in Education Code Section 51210 and subdivisions (a) to (i), inclusive, of Section 51220, as applicable. (State Priority 7)
  • Common Core Implementation – implementation of academic content and performance standards adopted by the state board for all pupils, including English learners. (State Priority 2)
  • Basic Services — degree to which teachers are appropriately assigned pursuant to Education Code section 44258.9, and fully credentialed in the subject areas and for the pupils they are teaching; pupils have access to standards-aligned instructional materials pursuant to Education Code Section 60119; and school facilities are maintained in good repair pursuant to Education Code section 17002(d). (State Priority 1)