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Students Cook Up Creations After School

Creativity and competition are baked into middle school extended learning opportunity, thanks to support from community partners.

students preparing food

Thanks to a partnership between the University of California CalFresh, the 5-2-1-0 Health Awareness Program, and Campbell Union School District Child Nutrition Services, students at Monroe and Rolling Hills Middle schools participate in this real-world creative, fun, and practical experience. Over six weeks, the students learn to make healthy choices, expand their nutritional knowledge and practice culinary skills with CalFresh educators. 

"I really like that we get to make the food ourselves," said John, a sixth grader in the afterschool Cooking Club at Monroe Middle School. "I joined because my friends were in it, but I ended up really liking it."

When the curriculum is finished, each of the clubs will continue to meet and choose a recipe for a Cook Off Competition. While they prepare, Campbell's Brown Chicken Brown Cow restaurant will volunteer to provide cooking workshops in January that aim to inspire creativity, expand their knowledge of culinary careers, and develop their palate. 

In early spring, students will cook their chosen dish in front of partners, guests, families and staff displaying their teamwork, innovation, and culinary knowledge at the District's Central Kitchen. The winning recipe will be mass produced and served at the school lunch program district-wide.