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Need Reopening Plan Details?

Details and more will be emailed Friday, July 24th.

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Parents and guardians, please watch for important information about our district's reopening plan, distance learning and childcare for the 2020-21 school year.

Where to Get Reopening Plan Details

On Friday, July 24th, we will publish the detailed reopening plan and email it to the parents and guardians of students enrolled in our schools. We hope it will answer questions that families and staff may have.

On July 29th and 30th, we will host a virtual community meeting to present the plan and take questions from attendees. We will email information about how to join the online community meeting.

Decisions Remain for Families

Distance Learning: All students will start the year in distance learning. Our Distance Learning program will differ from what we provided in spring: more engaging, academically rigorous, and in line with new legislative requirements.

The improvements include daily live interaction with teachers and peers for instruction, and content that aligns with standards and of the same quality as what students receive from in-person instruction.

We will email information about our distance learning program and how to select the full-year option no later than July 25th.

School-Day Childcare: The need for childcare was high before the pandemic, and it has grown, especially for essential workers. While current public health restrictions prevent opening classrooms for daily instruction, they do provide guidance for childcare.

  • We are making plans to offer school-day childcare with the following understanding:
  • It must operate within the requirements set by legislation and public health orders.
  • We will need to charge a fee.
    Our grants from ASES apply only to after school care at Rosemary, Blackford, Lynhaven, Sherman Oaks and Monroe. We are seeking a waiver to cover school-day care.

We will email a survey to staff and families to gauge interest and help us plan the program.