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Grapefruit concludes on-site COVID-19 testing

Predicine to oversee and implement on-site COVID testing as of Monday, March 21.

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A message from Dr. Shelly Viramontez, Superintendent
March 18, 2022

Dear Families and Caregivers,

Through this academic year, your student has been receiving COVID-19 testing on campus at the school site.  We learned late yesterday that Grapefruit testing will be concluding their on-site testing at our schools today, March 18.  Because we knew that Grapefruit had been working with Predicine to conduct the sample collection and test processing, I reached out to Predicine to continue to keep our testing program in place.  

Predicine will be assuming Grapefruit’s role as the direct contractor overseeing and implementing on-site COVID testing as of Monday, March 21.  This transition will be seamless, meaning there will be no interruption or change in testing procedures or personnel at your student's school site.

By continuing to provide your student’s COVID-19 test samples on campus, you agree to Predicine’s providing your student’s sample collection, testing, results reporting and third-party billing services as a testing contractor.  Your student will continue to be tested with no out of pocket cost to you. 

We are pleased to be able to continue to provide these testing services and wish you and your student a happy and healthy conclusion to this school year.

Please note that the Grapefruit community testing pod located at the Monroe Middle School parking lot will no longer be operational.