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Pandemic conditions delay plans for in-person instruction

County’s COVID-19 status still in the Widespread (Purple) Tier. Distance learning continues.

laptop showing virtual session

This new year brings reasons for hope in the fight against the pandemic. Unfortunately, some old challenges remain.

With the county’s COVID-19 status still in the Widespread (Purple) Tier, we cannot proceed with our January 19 reopening plans. We will need to remain in our Phase One distance learning probably for several more weeks.

You may have heard about Governor Newsom’s announced a $2 billion “Safe Schools for All” plan to encourage more schools to reopen for in-person instruction in 2021. While it’s a welcome idea, we know from experience that the devil is often in the details. The legislators must sign off on the proposed plan, and they do not return to session until January 9th. As we have previously experienced, the proposed plan will likely have adjustments before it is solidified. 

One of the plan’s metrics is the county’s case counts must be below 28 per 100,000 to be eligible.  As of January 5th, Santa Clara County was at 61 per 100,000, according to CovidActNow.  

Through our weekly meetings with legislative analysts, public health officials and other decision-makers, we will continue to advocate for the needs of our district, synthesize the information, and adapt to this proposal’s developments to our local situations and resources.

We will update our community—families and staff—as more information becomes known.

Meanwhile, our district and community partners have arranged various supports for students and families. We are continuing to provide up to five days worth of free breakfast, lunch, and after school meals, five days a week, at seven of our schools. Our CampbellCare program has opened and has space at several school sites. (Email them for details.) Community Liaisons, school counselors and other specialists are available to connect students and families to community based resources for social, emotional and physical health needs.

We will continue to prepare for when we can safely welcome teachers and students back to the classroom for in-person instruction.