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Check Screen Time and Social Media Use for Student Safety

Schools encourage students to be critical thinkers, not passive consumers of media

four middle school students smile beside their laptop and hand-made and coded robot vehicle

Campbell Union School District is committed to partnering with families to support our students in engaging effectively and safely with technology and social media. 

As we begin a new school year, please keep in mind the risk of harm from social media and its impact on social emotional well-being. 

In our schools, we encourage digital wellness and educate our students to be critical thinkers, not passive consumers of media. We provide high quality instruction and partner with parents to encourage responsible use of technology and reduce harmful associated risks. 

  • Nearly 40% of children 8-12 years old also use social media. Those are peak years for brain development and risk-taking behavior.
  • Children and adolescents on social media are commonly exposed to extreme, inappropriate, and harmful content.
  • Those spending 3-plus hours/day on social media face twice the risk of poor mental health, including depression and anxiety symptoms.
  • Studies limiting use of social media resulted in mental health benefits for young adults.
  • Excessive use linked to sleep problems, attention problems and feelings of exclusion.