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District Program is Finalist for County-level Award

FEI in CUSD focuses on family engagement

pre-pandemic photo of an FEI class session

[Photos taken pre-COVID-19]

Creating effective partnerships with the caring adults in our students’ lives is a core tenet for Campbell Union School District. This week FEI in CUSD, one of our programs aimed at strengthening those family partnerships, became a finalist for the county’s 2022 Glenn Hoffmann Exemplary Program Award

FEI (Family Engagement Institute) in CUSD is a model partnership that promotes family engagement, college-going culture, school and workforce readiness, and pathways to postsecondary education for Campbell Union School District families.  pre-pandemic photo of a group of adults holding graduation certificatesPictured here: One of many groups of parents who have graduated from the FEI in CUSD classes. (photo taken pre-pandemic)

Foothill Community College's FEI came to the District in 2017 with 25 parents from one Title 1 school thanks to a School Linked Services grant. It has grown to enroll more than 1,180 parents from 7 schools and continues to receive renewed grant funds. 

FEI Executive Director Betsy Nikolchev noted that the way CUSD implements the program makes it unique. “The leadership shows a high level of participation and support in developing the program,” she said. “The Community Liaisons, principals and superintendent help to customize the courses and facilitate communication and access to the program.”

“We know that family engagement plays a huge role in a child’s success at school,” said Director of Student Services Rosanna Palomo. “Parents tell us in person and in surveys that the program has made a big difference for them and their families. It builds their knowledge, skills and confidence in supporting their child’s education and strengthens communication at home and at school.”

The Santa Clara County School Boards Association will announce the Hoffmann award winners on February 23, 2022.