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Retirees Ready to Begin Next Phase of Lifelong Learning

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

highway with the word retirement on pavement

This year, 18 members of the Campbell Union School District employee family will be retiring. They take with them a combined total of 439 years of experience and memories and are ready to create more. 

As educators and support staff, they have shown our students how to think critically, innovate, collaborate, empathize and be self-directed. Most have been part of our district for more than 20 years, demonstrating perseverance through challenges and changes in the school system and in society. 

Now they can pursue the privledges, both ambitious and relaxing, that retirement brings: Traveling any time of year on any day of the week; relaxing all day by the pool, with a book, on a Tuesday; spending more time with grandchildren; even working part time at a winery. Their hearts are oriented towards giving to others, so many will pursue new ways to make a positive impact, such as volunteering with charities or promoting antiracist change in society.

We hope you will join us in wishing a fond farewell to our 2020-21 school year retirees:

  • George Barile, Mechanic, Maintenance & Grounds
  • Brad Bruner, Maintenance Worker, Maintenance & Grounds
  • David Fletcher, Teacher, Forest Hill School
  • Catherine Holley, Teacher/Speech Lang., Forest Hill School
  • Edna Laskin, Director, Instructional Services, District Office
  • Melanie Lawler, Human Resources Technician, District Office
  • Beth Linder, Health Clerk, Rolling Hills Middle School
  • Catherine McAvoy, Assistant Principal, Monroe Middle School 
  • Karen Nielsen, Teacher, Capri
  • Cathy Norman, Teacher, Castlemont
  • Rodolfo Ornelas, Maintenance Worker, Maintenance & Grounds
  • Martha Prakash, Teacher, Forest Hill School
  • Kim Sanchez, Art Teacher, Monroe Middle School
  • Dorrie Scamporrino, Teacher, Rolling Hills Middle School
  • Loretta Schmoranc, Teacher, Capri
  • Carrie Tibbs, STEAM Teacher, Rolling Hills Middle School
  • Caitlin Weber, Teacher, Rolling Hills Middle School
  • Sylvia Davis, Teacher, Rolling Hills Middle School 

Due to the continuing limitations on gatherings, we are not able to hold our usual garden reception to celebrate our retirees. We will be inviting them back for an event in the spring of next year.