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Senator is “Hopeful for the Future” After School Visit

Learning to adapt and collaborate will be essential for students’ future success

Senator listens as boy reads a letter to him

Russel, a CSI 3rd grader, reads his class letter to Senator Cortese about their solution to having more yard duty staff at school.

“You’re learning to put progress before ‘who’s right’, and that is a mindset change that more of us could use,” said Senator Dave Cortese to his student tour guides, Roman and Zoey, during a visit at Campbell School of Innovation (CSI). The TK-8 school teaches academics through design thinking and growth mindset and shares those teaching techniques through professional development with teachers across the district.

“We’re preparing all of our students for an undefined and fast-paced future,” said Superintendent Shelly VIramontez. “Our Profile of a Graduate competencies—self directed, innovative, critical thinker, collaborative, and empathetic—are designed to help students learn how to learn and solve problems creatively.” 

Roman described how he and his classmates solve problems at school. “There usually isn’t just one idea that has all of the right answers. It’s usually part of one person’s idea and part of another person’s, and we try it out, and we collaborate to come up with a solution that works.” 

That process resonated with the Senator. “By being able to put progress before perfection, you’ll be much better off than the older generation in being able to solve problems like climate change and adjust to situations like the ones we've seen with the pandemic. This is great stuff you’re growing up with.”