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Keeping instruction current and relevant means going beyond traditional textbooks

Preparing students for success in the workplaces of the future takes more than a single textbook. Our teachers and students have more access to instructional resources and more Internet-connected devices (e-tablets, laptops, etc.) to expand their ability to research and analyze issues.

The California State Standards focus on critical thinking and analysis geared toward deeper understanding of academic subjects. As we proceed with formal textbook adoptions, we will have the corresponding textbooks, instructional resources and tests to go with these rigorous standards.

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A NOTE ABOUT SUPPLIES: By law, California public schools are to provide students with supplies required for participating in school day instruction. Donations of supplies are welcome. Please contact the school principal for information about what would be most helpful and how to donate.

Additional information about the curriculum materials used by the Campbell Union School District can be found at the publisher’s websites.

  • Glencoe/McGraw-Hill


  • Scott Foresman/Pearson Education


  • Twig Science

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  • For more information about Campbell Union School District textbooks and instructional materials, please call the district's Instructional Services Department at (408) 364-4200 ext. 6245.