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Corinna Zamudio

Corinna Zamudio, Teacher, Campbell School of Innovation

Corinna Zamudio is thrilled about being part of the Campbell School of Innovation community. She looks forward to thriving with passionate and innovative educators who share the same goal of transforming the traditional classroom into a creative, communicative, compassionate and collaborative environment.

Zamudio believes educators and students learn from each other during the creation and application process of collaborative initiatives. Through her teachings, Zamudio plans to provide students with a multitude of opportunities to communicate and work together. 

“I believe that with the right tools, our students will be able to have the necessary innovative experiences so they can become our next generation of leaders,” she says.  

Zamudio has a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Sciences. She holds a teaching credential and a bilingual authorization from Santa Clara University. Prior to joining CSI, Zamudio taught at a Spanish immersion school.