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Patrick Aguayo


     This is my 4th year with Rolling Hills Middle School! I am teaching 3 choirs and 2 Music electives. I went to SJSU where I recieved my B.M. in Music Education and a B.A. in French. I also coordinate after school activities like clubs and sports for the students. Currently, we are teaching in a Distance learning (DL) block schedule. Below is a list of the classes I am offering this year:

         Homeroom (only during DL)

Period 1:  Ukulele Choir (Trimester)

Period 2: Digital Music (Trimester)

Period 3: 6th Grade Wheel Choir (Trimester)

Period 4: Concert Choir (6th/7th Year long)

Period 5: Golden Eagle Choir (7th/8th Year long)

If you have more questions or concerns feel free to email me at Paguayo [at]