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Donna Johnson-lydon


Bachelors of Arts in English - San Francisco State University

About me:

I have library work experience dating back to my college years. I love libraries and the treasures of information and adventure that they have in them for those who can learn to use them. Therefore, it is my privilege having a job that helps children learn both what is in the library itself, and what are the best ways to access that information. It is my sincere hope that this 'gained knowledge' will be useful to them while they are here at Monroe, and in the future.

It is also a very personal and professional goal of mine to create a library atmosphere that is consistently available, secure, and enjoyable, as well as being constantly updated in information and materials for students to use. 

My special interests include travel (and/or exploring locally), boating, friends and family, and, of course, reading (another form of travel and exploration). And, as you can imagine, I enjoy the process of shopping for new and interesting books --for the library and for myself!

Please, stop in and visit the library--I am there all the school day and then some! And you can always click on the catalog web address on the web site to see what we have available even before you come in.