Independent Study

An alternative to in-person instruction for students whose health is at risk by attending class in-person as stated in California Assembly Bill 130.

Note: Independent Study is different than Distance Learning. Independent Study is not school at home. It is Homeschool
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Answers to your frequent questions.

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Independent Study Meeting 8/3/2021

Independent Study
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this new Independent Study?

To provide an option for those few students whose health would be at risk by attending in-person instruction.

What is Independent Study (I.S.)?

It is provides an option for a student to be educated at home, independently.

Why is there a new I.S. requirement?

The legislators recognized that in-person instruction could be detrimental to some students' health.

Who is providing the Independent Study?

The I.S. is provided by Ocean Grove (OG) (except for a few Rosemary students).

Is Ocean Grove (OG) our only I.S. option?

The district has informed families of the option through OG, but students would be able to attend another non-district school or program offering I.S. if they enroll in that program or school.

Why is the district not doing the I.S. itself?

For 11 of our 12 schools, we are not required to provide Independent Study under AB 130. However, we are seeking to support our students whose health would be compromised in attending in-person instruction. Additionally, our teachers are not trained to provide instruction in this type of model and OG teachers are explicitly trained for this. There was not capacity in our Home school program. We did not want to provide a "roomers and zoomers" instructional program.

If we start with independent study and later find that the school environment is safe, do we get enrolled back into the school we were enrolled in?

When students re-enroll in CUSD, we will return them to their previous school as capacity allows.

If our student is not able to transition back to her home school this year and is placed at another because of capacity issues, will the student have the option of returning to home school next year?

If the student is overflowed to another school, the parent should inform the enrollment dept. prior to June 1, 2022, of the desire to have the student placed back at former school. Placement will be based on capacity.

Are you able to switch to Independent study if you find that environment with in person school becomes unsafe for your child?

You would be able to enroll in OG for Independent Study at any time.

Why can't spaces be left for students who elect to go into Independent Study?

We will balance our classes, while also maintaining the teacher to student ratio of our collective bargaining agreement, to allow space for those students who elect to return for in-person.

Additionally, the enrollment process is dynamic and may be even more this year as the kindergarten numbers are unusually low - we may have students enroll later than usual.

How long do we have to make this decision?

While we would like to know as soon as possible, students remain enrolled in CUSD unless they enroll Ocean Grove or another program.

How do we sign up for Independent Study?

Can we stay enrolled in CUSD and attend OG?

A student may not be enrolled in more than one school or district at the same time.

If my student finds the Independent Study program beneficial, can the student stay beyond the 2021-22 school year?

Once a student is enrolled in OG, they continue to be enrolled there until they inform the school of the intent to return to the home district.

How will CUSD know my student is attending OG or another school?

The parent should inform CUSD of student's enrollment in another school/program.

What is the class ratio?

Ocean Grove has a 25 students to teacher ratio.

Will campbell be providing chromebooks for students that pick this option?

All materials will be provided by OG.

What curriculum a student in the I.S. is allowed to use?

That will be a decision between the famiy and OG.

How will CUSD know how my student did in OG?

OG will provide CUSD with a report for the student's progress when the student unenrolls with OG to re-enroll in CUSD.

Is there any fee or tutition that we need to pay in order to enroll to the OG?

No, OG is a public school.

What is CUSD’s plan if/when in person learning is shut down by the County again?

It would depend on the conditions of the situation. We would continue student learning in a remote fashion.

Is there priority registration with OG for Campbell students?

We were told by OG senior staff that they would prioritize CUSD students for enrollment.

What is the schedule for my student?

The first day for OG is 8/23/21. Questions regarding schedule, expectation, etc. should be asked of OG, or 844.283.7113. For special education, please contact

The Ocean Grove Charter school is not in San Jose. If we have to pick up material where it is located?

Materials can be mailed to your home.

Who is actually providing the teaching during IS for the younger grades? The parent? Programs online?

The parent provides the instruction with the support of the Ocean Grove teacher faciliators.

When our child is enrolled at OC and shifted to IS will our child's educational history / information be shared with OC?

Because it would involve enrolling to OG and disenrolling from CUSD, educational files would be transferred as in any transfer between schools.

Can we enroll with OG if our student must quarantine for 10 days?

Enrollment in OG is intendent for longer times of study. The student will be provided with remote learning if quarantining.