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Jan. 12, 2022: COVID19 Quarantine Guidance Revised

5-day requirement now applies to grade TK-12 students

two students learning from home

Late last week, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) authorized using an at-home COVID19 antigen test to confirm that an individual is negative and able to return to school/work after the required isolation/quarantine period.

Essentially, the 5-day requirement for adults now also applies to grade TK-12 students. See the Decision Tree graphic below from CDPH. (No updates have been made for preschool-aged students at this time.)

Under this updated CDPH guidance, parents may use an at-home COVID19 test to verify that the student has tested negative on day 5 and is able to return to school. We will continue to use our modified quarantine on-site testing, but this gives our parents another option as well.

How to Report Test Results to School

On the day of the required negative COVID test to return to school, parents will need to send a photo of the negative test result that includes the student’s name and the date that the at-home test was administered. The photo should be emailed to the school office staff member in charge of attendance at your child’s school. (Email addresses for those staff members appear below.)

Please note, a positive at-home test means the student must stay home and follow quarantine requirements. 

Please report the positive result to your child’s school office staff indicated below.

  • Blackford Elementary School
  • Campbell School of Innovation
  • Capri Elementary School
  • Forest Hill Elementary School
  • Lynhaven Elementary School
  • Castlemont Elementary School
  • Marshall Lane Elementary School
  • Monroe Middle School
  • Rolling Hills Middle School
  • Rosemary Elementary School
  • Sherman Oaks Community Charter School
  • Village School

Tracking and Tracing Process

The omicron surge, combined with two weeks of Winter Break, led to a higher-than-usual number of exposure reports for our Tracking and Tracing team to process. Due to an increased volume of tests, there was also a delay in labs processing and getting results out. Additionally, the way we receive those reports directly impacts the speed with which the team can follow up. Reports coming from outside of school testing can be delayed in reaching the Tracking and Tracing team who then must begin the process of making home contact for required verification.

The more streamlined reporting process is through our on-site Grapefruit testing. The report goes to the school office, and the office staff reports it to the Tracking and Tracing team. The teams then follow up and communicate information out as quickly as possible.  

decision flow chart for covid exposure

More COVID-19 Questions?

The Superintendent is presenting an update on our District’s COVID Mitigations at the Governing Board’s January 13 meeting. Also, the District’s COVID19 web page includes a link where you can find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).