School Opening Plan for 2021-22

Safety and learning guide decisions for bringing students back to the classroom as pandemic conditions change. Risk assessment includes available resources for following public health orders. See our FAQ page for more.

District-level Opening Plan
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This COVID-19 Dashboard reports COVID-positive individuals in our schools and workplaces. It updates daily at 7:15 a.m. Cases reported after 7:15 a.m. will appear the following day. In partnership with the County Public Health Department, CUSD staff conducts contact tracking, tracing, and notification as directed by the Public Health Department.


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Dates are based on symptom onset. Confirmed test results can come days after quarantine has already occurred. 10 days of quarantine begins from the reported date.

School Reopening
Frequently Asked Questions

For 2021-22

What safety measures are in place at my child at school?

We are implementing the required and recommended safety measures issued by the California Department of Public Health in partnership with the Santa Clara County Public Health Department (PHD). View our Safe School Opening Plan for 2021-22.

Because students benefit from in-person learning, and safely returning to in-person instruction in the fall 2021 is a priority, CUSD is implementing multiple layers of mitigations to reduce the risk of COVID-19 at school. In general, these layers of mitigations include face coverings for everyone on campus (unless exempt), screening testing for COVID-19, teaching and following good hand hygiene, hospital-grade air filters and physical distancing.

Regarding physical distancing:

  • We are following guidance from the California Department of Public Health, which has aligned its guidance with that of the CDC.
  • In addition to universal indoor masking, our schools will maintain 3 feet of physical distance between students within classrooms to reduce transmission risk.
  • The CDC acknolwedges that, when it is not possible to maintain that physical distance, such as when it would prevent fully re-opening school, it is especially important to layer multiple other prevention strategies, such as screening testing, ventilation, handwashing and respiratory etiquette, staying home when sick and getting tested, contact tracing in combination with quarantine and isolation, and cleaning and disinfection—which our school.

How are schools managing volunteers on campus?

At the principal’s discretion, schools will permit vaccinated visitors and volunteers who provide essential services and support to the school’s educational program.

All visitors must wear a mask at all times while on school grounds, and volunteers must show proof of full vaccination.

Parents/Guardians will be allowed to walk their student to class upon arrival. They must wear a face covering while on campus. Parents are to remain outside. To eliminate close contacts, they should limit their stay to 10 minutes. Activities will be limited that involve external groups or organizations, particularly those who are not fully vaccinated.

How is the school/district managing COVID-19 mitigations lunch and recess?

Each school has developed schedules that support following the mitigation strategies at their respective school sites. For some schools, this may mean staggering times for recess and/or lunch, assigned seating, dining outside only, or other methods depending on available adult supervision.

What happens if parent sends a sick child to school?

Even students and adults who were feeling fine in the morning can become ill as the day goes on. Staff will be sent home immediately. Students will be isolated in a safe area to await immediate pick up by their parent/guardian.

What is the process for a classroom if a student tests positive?

The tracking and tracing process is implemented when a positive case of COVID-19 is identified. We will use the Quarantine Decision Tree to determine actions needed for anyone who may have been exposed. See also the CDC's page about contact tracing for close contacts.

Will there be instruction provided to students during an at-home quarantine?

If a student is not ill (does not have symptoms) and must stay home to quarantine, take-home or downloadable assignments will be provided for the student to complete until able to return to class.

Where do I find information about the COVID-19 testing at school by Grapefruit Testing?

Our online calendar shows the dates and times when community testing is available. Specific dates and times for school-based testing are available from your child's school. Also the recording of the August 19 community meeting contains answers to most questions. View it here. For additional information, contact the Grapefruit team directly via email at <>.

Will the COVID-19 testing result in an increased number of positive cases being reported?

It is likely that the testing will disclose positive COVID cases in students who do not have symptoms. There may be an initial increase in case numbers as we catch cases of the virus early that might not have been discovered otherwise.

Is the COVID testing required or opt in?

Only those students whose parents/guardians submit an "informed consent" form to Grapefruit Testing will participate in the testing program. It is an online form, and hard copies will be available from the school.

Is there a fee for the COVID testing?

There is no cost to the district or the patient.

What will the testing process look like? How will it work?

Each school will have its own schedule and process for the testing. You also can see a demonstration video within the recording of the August 19th community meeting.

Where can I access the consent form and other info?

CUSD's primary method for distributing information to families is via email, phone and websites. Schools make hard copies available to families who do not or cannot access the information electronically. Grapefruit team has indicated that it will provide hard copies to our schools for those parents who need them.

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