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Inspiring Creativity, Growth Mindset and Critical Thinking

Elements of Great Teaching

teacher at whiteboard with two students

Megan Delaye, first-grade teacher at Lynhaven School, likes the energy and learning that she sees in her students when they are involved in a design thinking or engineering process project.

two students collaborating and smiling“What motivates me most to be a teacher is giving children opportunities to try new things, teaching them growth mindset, and preparing them for the jobs of the future,” says Megan. “Each group of students is new and different every year, so I enjoy approaching each school year from that lens. I see myself as a life-long learner, which is another reason I love teaching, as I get to learn with my students and colleagues.”

“Megan is a curious and innovative teacher who is always ready to investigate and implement science and design thinking projects,” says colleague Anupama Gupta. “She has taken up all opportunities to lead her team and guide them through a couple of design thinking projects. She is naturally a creative person and is drawn to bringing that creativity to her teaching.” 

2 students showing their draftsDelaye has been teaching first grade in Campbell Union School District for 14 years. At Lynhaven, she has enjoyed participating in the Cardboard Challenge and STEAM projects with her students—such as the roller coaster challenge and galimotos (toy vehicles made of wire)—and entered them in the annual STEAM Showcase. In the past three years, her first graders also have successfully gone through a design thinking bio-mimicry project of trying to solve a problem in the backpack area of their classroom and creating a box to protect their belongings.

“Megan is one of the more than 380 highly qualified elementary and middle school teachers in our district who make a tremendous difference in educating students to their highest potential and ensuring they will be prepared for a yet to be defined future,” says District Superintendent Shelly Viramontez. “We have a great team and want to keep it that way!”