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District Updates Community on Strategic Plan Progress

Focus on STEAM and the STEAM showcase, more access to technology, community partnerships and energy-saving solar projects were on the long list of successes created by the group of employees, parents, community members, students, and Board members who met to update the District's Strategic Plan.

District Governing Board and Administrators Monitor Progress on Strategic Plan

At the September 2016 Strategic Planning Special Session, Governing Board members and 30 participants representing the district’s stakeholders—from students and parents, to employees and community agencies—met to discuss progress and next steps toward achieving the District’s strategic goals.  

The group identified several tasks to be completed by October 31st:

  • Distribute the retreat record to all invitees for them to read/review.
  • Post “Accomplishments” on the district’s website.
  • Present the Strategic Plan to the public.
  • Review the “Current Internal Weaknesses” list for possible action items.
  • Share and discuss the Strategic Plan with all staff.

Noting Accomplishments

One of the activities asked the group to brainstorm answers to the following question:
What are the strengths and accomplishments of the Campbell Union School District since the March 2016 Strategic Planning session?

See the September 2016 Update for the list of perceived district accomplishments as it was documented at the meeting:

This plan is a living document; it doesn’t just sit on a shelf. The Superintendent provides monthly updates to the Governing Board and involves the community in monitoring progress. More details are on the Strategic Plan Web Page.