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Let’s Hear It for Our Partners!

Grateful for partnerships that support student wellness, allow teachers and principals to focus on instruction.

collage of various students and adults at school

Educating students is a big job. To remove some of the barriers to learning, we have built a strong team of community partners over the years.

These partners—parents, educators, business owners, civic leaders, service agencies and others—help families take care of students’ basic wellness needs so our teachers can focus on the academic ones. 

They provide vision and dental screening, mental health services, nutrition services, warm coats, flu and COVID-19 vaccines, and more. They volunteer on school and district committees, parent-teacher organizations, yard duty, and traffic safety at arrival and dismissal. They raise funds for classroom supplies, field trips, assemblies and school events that build community and enhance the educational experience.

As a school district, our goal is to provide high quality teaching and learning that promotes opportunities for applying knowledge. The effects of the pandemic have made that big job even more challenging for our teachers and staff. 

In the face of these impacts, we are even more thankful to have community partners who work with us to support student learning, promote students’ positive social/emotional development, and ensure that they develop the competencies they need for success now and into adulthood.

To see a list of our long-time community partners, please visit our webpage.