Parcel Tax Information

The voter-approved parcel tax bolsters school funding to provide a high-quality and well-rounded education for local elementary and middle school students in our District.
Some homeowners may be eligible for exemption.   Exemption Forms

Parcel Tax Benefits

On May 5, 2015, voters in the Campbell Union School District approved Measure B, a parcel tax that provides stable, local funding to protect and improve academic programs and retain qualified teachers. It is assessed against each parcel of taxable land in the District, and allows for exemptions for some homeowners.

A parcel is defined as any unit of land within the District boundaries that now receives a separate tax bill from the Santa Clara County Tax Collector's Office.

We estimate that the parcel tax will generate over $800,000 in stable revenue annually for eight years. It is set to expire on June 30, 2023.

The funds collected from the parcel tax can only be spent on the stated purposes approved by the voters. The District’s independent Citizens Oversight Committee ensures that the funds are spent only for the purposes approved by the voters in the May 5, 2015 election, provide accountability, and report its findings to the community.

For more details by phone, please call 408-364-4200.

Optional exemptions, are available for:

• Senior Citizens (65 years or older) who own and reside in a parcel.

• Individuals deemed disabled by the Social Security Administration and receiving Supplemental Security income as a result.

Exemption application forms are available at all elementary and middle schools in Campbell Union School District and from the District administration office, online. To ask that forms be mailed to you, or for other information, call 408-341-7254.

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