Who Serves on the Oversight Committee?


District Construction Manager: Douglas Williams (<http://www.privatedaddy.com/?q=YVdSEGhLTRlyUgcHaE5EIEF8Xhh0Yi0JdkRTSHc0_713>)

When vacancies occur on the Oversight Committee, the District accepts applications to fill a vacant seat.

TO APPLY: Complete and submit the Oversight Committee guidelines

Oversight Committee Application

Questions? Contact: Christina Tran, 408-364-4200 ext. 6215


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 December 2020 Agenda

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Committee Reports:

Bond and Parcel Tax

Bond Measures G & CC and Parcel Tax Measure B
  Annual Report 2019

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Committee Reports:

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Measure H Bond

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  Annual Report 2005

Other District Projects and Notices

Other improvements to our facilities are paid for by other funds. For more information, contact the District Superintendent's office.