General Process for Construction Project Planning and Public Input

  1. Project List prepared
  2. List goes to Board for approval *
  3. Consult with architects
  4. Site evaluation (topography, underground systems, etc.)
  5. Architect prepares initial drawings (concept drawings)
  6. Drawings presented to staff, community for input *
  7. Drawings modified based on budget, input, building codes, State Architect requirements
  8. Final drawings to Board for approval *
  9. Architect prepares plans and specifications for final drawings
  10. Plans and Specs to State Architect for approval
  11. Board authorizes District to prepare bid for the State-approved plans *
  12. District sends request for bids
  13. Bids presented to Board for approval *
  14. Building phase begins (emphasis on summertime construction)

* Formal opportunities for public input. Input can also come via correspondence and scheduled meetings related to specific projects. The Citizens Oversight Committee The Citizens Oversight Committee reviews expenditures for compliance with ballot wording of bond measures and is another channel for communication throughout the general process.

The Citizens Oversight Committee also oversees the district's parcel tax spending.

Completing School Upgrades for Student Success

To repair and upgrade our schools to provide the education local students need to be competitive in our modern world, the Campbell Union School District Governing Board voted unanimously on June 23 to place a $72 million bond measure on the November 2016 ballot.

Although some schools have been recently upgraded, many of our schools are still in need of upgrades and repairs. Addressing identified repair needs in local schools — many of which were built in the 1950s — would help ensure that classrooms and labs are safe and up to date at all of our schools.

A bond measure could provide locally controlled funding to address identified facility needs in our schools, including:

Important links

2016 Bond Fact Sheet (bilingual)

Adopted Resolution

Education for the Future

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