Program Overview

Campbell Union School District (CUSD) Home School is for families who desire a non-traditional educational option for their child.

Perhaps the student has outside commitments or issues that require a more flexible schedule, or maybe the parent feels strongly about being their child’s primary teacher.

The CUSD Home School parent or designated learning coach is the primary educator and has the support of our credentialed District teacher. Together, using the adopted curriculum, they build a rigorous, customized educational program tailored to the student’s learning style, academic level, and family schedule.

Curriculum & Instruction

CUSD Home School uses a combination of State-adopted textbooks, supplemental literature and online references. Each family is provided with a number of educational websites, both free and fee-based, for parents to use to supplement the core curriculum provided.

For more information about CUSD textbooks and instructional materials, please call the district’s Instructional Services Department at (408) 364-4200 ext. 6245 or visit our instructional resources web page.

Social & Academic Enrichment

In addition to teaching the core academic content, CUSD Home School students may participate in after school classes and team sports at Rolling Hills Middle School. Also, the program offers annual enrichment classes during the day just for Home School students. We strongly encourage our students to attend at least one of the weekly enrichment classes offered. 

Creative writing, art and more enhance your child’s education. A complete list of classes will be handed out monthly to all students in the program. 

After school clubs may also be available to Home School students. There may be participation fees for after school activities, and parents must provide transportation. Classes will operate only if there are enough students signed up.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Home School

Is Home School right for my child?

Is There a Daily Schedule

Home School is customized to meet the needs of each student and his/her family schedule. To help you create a sustainable schedule, we offer these guiding questions:

  • Do you want an early morning start and early afternoon finish? Or do you prefer to start later and finish later?
  • Does the parent have a work schedule we will need to accommodate?
  • Are there other siblings whose schedules we need to work around?
  • Is there a sport or other enrichment schedule we need to accommodate?

A typical day consists of four (50-60 minute) periods focusing on the content areas of Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. In addition to the academic periods, we will also ask what physical education you will put into the schedule.

    • Primary Grades: Three or four (50-60 minute) periods per week
    • Upper Grades: Four or Five (50-60 minute) periods per week
    • Physical Education can include your child’s extra-curricular sports activities such as swim team, gymnastics, martial arts or participation on an organized sports team.
    • Art lessons can either be integrated into the four content classes or can be taught as individual lessons.

      Students will be required to turn in work from all content areas at their regular weekly meetings to document the learning time and work content. Our primary goal is to ensure that students are meeting or exceeding standards and the actual work will provide evidence of this.

      Even with the advantages of a customized schedule for each child, Home School is not for everyone. To ensure student success parents must take significant responsibility for the day-to-day monitoring of student assignments and scheduling.

      Weekly meetings between the parent/learning coach, District teacher, and the student support keeping a rigorous pace and ensure that the student is meeting the State’s grade-level standards. Students are accountable for all assignments, projects and completion of State standardized testing, which is administered by the District’s teacher.


How do I sign up?

If you are a resident of the Campbell Union School District, bring 2 proof of residency (See acceptable documentation), your child’s birth certificate, TB clearance and immunization record to our District office, located at 155 N. 3rd Street, near downtown Campbell. Complete online enrollment for the Home School program.

When does the school year start?

The CUSD Home School program follows the traditional school year calendar. The teacher will be in touch with you in late August to schedule your first appointment and check out the books to you.

Will my child receive letter grades and a report card?

In Campbell Union School District, we do not issue letter grades until middle school at any of our school sites. We use a standards-based reporting form that provides you with feedback as to how your child is doing with attaining grade level standards.
The Home School teacher does not issue report cards. Instead, students and parents will receive regular feedback at each monthly meeting with the teacher.

What work will I need to turn in?

You will need to turn in student work samples from the four main content areas: Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies at each meeting. You will bring all work that the student has completed with you, and the teacher will choose representative original samples to place in your child’s folder of records.

Will my child get school support services in the Home School program?

Unfortunately, students enrolled in CUSD Home School are not able to take part in certain services offered at our school sites, such as counseling, resource programs, additional tutorials, etc. If your child has special needs, it is important to carefully consider whether the Home School program can meet your child’s needs. Any student who is identified as needing special education must have it written in their IEP that Home School instruction is the optimum learning environment for the child.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please email Edna Laskin, Administrator, or phone 408-364-4200 ext. 6218.


Register for Home School

  1. To complete the initial family screening and get program information, please email Edna Laskin, Program Administrator, or phone 408-364-4200 ext. 6218.
  2. If determined the program is appropriate for your child you must enroll in the Campbell Union School District following our district procedures.
  3. If you have questions about enrollment, please call the District Enrollment Office, at 408-364-4200 ext. 6209.  You will need proof of residency (or an Interdistrict transfer from your home district), immunization records, a current TB test, and your child’s birth certificate.
  4. Once you have submitted your completed online enrollment, you will receive a call from the teacher within two business days. The Home School teacher will set up your first family meeting to get you started in the program.