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Design Challenge Students Work on Solutions to Traffic Woes

Projects focus on past, present and future of school in Campbell Union School District

four students with a project

If Leela, Mason, Jacob and Emily have their way, parents will have a much easier time one day when bringing students to and from school. Their original idea—a hover bus—took a significant upward turn as they brainstormed about transportation 100 years from now.

“It’s a flying car that takes you to a floating school,” says Emily. Her team took their experience and what they learned in fourth grade about green transportation solutions and applied it to their futuristic idea: a self-flying, affordable (just $500), solar powered “car” that carries them to a school in the sky. Since the vehicle can collapse to the size of a Rubik's Cube, parking would not be a problem either. student project and sketch of idea

They are among hundreds of TK-8 students participating in Campbell Union School District’s Centennial Celebration Design Challenge, according to Julie Goo, the district’s Coordinator of Innovation, Teaching, and Learning.  

“Students are using the engineering and design thinking process to create real-world solutions and ideas for our community,” she says. First they look at a problem someone is having, brainstorm ideas and possible solutions, then create prototypes to see how the idea might actually work. 

Student teams with the best digital or physical prototypes will be selected as part of a special exhibit in the Campbell Historical Museum’s Carriage House. The exhibit opening and Centennial Celebration is scheduled for the afternoon of April 30th. Details online at