What is the LCAP/Superintendent's Parent Advisory Committee?

Campbell Union School District’s LCAP/S-PAC meetings are meetings with the Superintendent that provide additional input on the District's Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP) and facilitates two-way communication between the District, the school, and the community. LCAP/S-PAC representatives are appointed from among the parent leaders who are active in official school committees (Site Council, PTA/Home & School Club, ELAC, etc.) and who can work with the principal to communicate discussions to multiple school groups and committees.

LCAP/S-PAC representatives meet with the principal to identify information and issues to bring to the meeting as well as key messages to carry back to the school community.

2020-2021 Meeting Schedule

• October 219, 2020 –

• December 14, 2020 –

• March 8, 2021 –

• May 17, 2021 –

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule

• October 22, 2019 – meeting notes

• December 17, 2019 – meeting notes

• March 10, 2020 – meeting notes pending

• May 26, 2020 – meeting notes pending

See the 2018-19 meeting notes.

See the 2017-18 meeting notes.

2019-2020 ROSTER

Blackford: Audrianna Jimenez

Capri: Lauren Gourley

Castlemont: Emily Ah Sing

Castlemont: Jenni Avery

CSI: Justin Fraser

CSI: Annie Barlesi

Forest Hill: Melanie Esquival Simpson

Lynhaven: Marisa Melendez

Marshall Lane: Jennifer Jodoin

Marshall Lane: Carol Jahiro

Monroe:Keri Mackey

Rolling Hills: Berta Yee

Rosemary: Jessica Hallmark

Sherman Oaks: Nancy Lopez

Village: Lynn Lipari

Village: Amilia Premji Fugman

CUSD: Nelly Yang

CUSD: Lena Bundtzen

CUSD: Whitney Holton

CUSD: Shelly Viramontez

CUSD: Marla Sanchez