Tour Your School

Plan a visit to learn more about your neighborhood school! Schools schedule tours in January and February to coincide with the Open Enrollment period.

NOTE: This year's 4th grade students may remain at their current elementary school for 5th grade in the 2019-20 school year.


1/22/19 @9:00 AM

Marshall Lane

All @9:00 AM
1/23/19; 1/25/19

Campbell School
of Innovation

All @9:00 AM
1/17/19; 2/1/19; 2/13/19
@6:30 PM 2/5/19

Monroe Middle

1/24/19 @9:30 AM


All @8:30 AM
1/24/19 (K); 1/29/19 (TK)

Rolling Hills Middle

1/22/19 @9:00 AM


1/18/19 @8:35 AM


1/15/19 and 2/8/19 @8:30 AM
1/23/19 @8:15 AM (Rosemary Pre-K)

Forest Hill

1/18/19 @8:30 AM

Sherman Oaks

All @8:30 AM
1/14/18; 1/28/18


All @9:00 AM
1/24/19 (K); 1/30/19 (TK)


All @9:00 AM
1/15/19; 1/22/19

Transfer Into Our District

Students who live outside Campbell Union School District boundaries may attend one of our schools through an inter-district transfer agreement. The process begins with the district that serves the student's home address.​

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Let Us Know You're Interested

Three Campbell Union School District schools with unique programs allow parents to indicate their interest in a transfer with our online registration.

Parents then must follow through with their home district's inter-district transfer requirements.

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Transfer Out of Our District

If you would like to transfer from our district to another, please fill out this form.

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Which is my school?

In order to register, you will need to know which school is your attendance area school.

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NOTE: Boundaries were set in 2018-19 apply in 2019-20.

Enrollment Help

Do you have a question about your child’s enrollment?

  • Main Phone: 408-364-4200
  • 24-hour Information (recording):
    408-341-7276 (English) or 408-341-7277 (Spanish)
  • In-person assistance:
    Our Enrollment Office is located at 155 N. Third Street, Campbell.
    Special Hours During Open Enrollment
    From January 22 through February 15, 2019, staff and public-access computers will be available to assist people with registration.
      • 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday–Friday*
      • 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Jan. 30 and Feb. 11
    *NOTE: The office is closed January 21st.